Front of Building

About Us…

PAC was founded in 1928 in the city of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. It started with a small group of men who wanted to bond over a game of cards while speaking their native language.

Shortly after the word began to spread as a result they committed to forming a legitimate club. The men called it The Portugal Athletic Club, headquartered on Pierce Street in Bethlehem. The club grew quickly and by 1967 it changed its name and location to the current Portuguese American Club with headquarters at 337 Broadhead Avenue in Bethlehem. The Portuguese American Club has become an integral part of the Portuguese community in the Lehigh Valley area. The changes over time, additions, events and community made up what the Portuguese American Club is today.

In the summer of 2004, the Portuguese American Club would undergo one more monumental change. A large addition to the building was built to allow the fellowship of members an opportunity to create events and enjoy many festivities. The addition is now called Founders Hall, equipped with a full catering kitchen and side bar allowing it to accommodate many events. This club has been home to many memories that have been shared through it’s members over the years who believed in the idea created by few good men. The Portuguese American Club currently holds a variety of events from traditional Portuguese celebrations, weddings, Soccer club meetings and dinners, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day dinners, as well as holiday dinners.  The club has something to offer for all who desire to join.

  • General Assembly

    President, Julio Isidoro
    Vice President, Michael Bernardo
    Secretary, Dionisia Penas
    Sergeant of Arms, Jack Carvalho







  • Board of Trustees

    President, Antonio Dias Jr.
    Member, Ana Rebimbas
    Member, Manuel Cunha








Board of Directors


  • President, Jose Tavares
    Vice President, Rick Pinho
    Second Vice President, Carlos Monteiro
    First Secretary, Sao Carvalho
    Second Secretary, Sergio Gaspar
    Treasurer, Lucille Aranyos

    Second Treasurer, Anna Vicoso
    Bar Steward, Carlos Silva
    Hall Manager, Anna Vicoso
    Auxillary Group President, Susie Magalhaes







Back of Building

A special Thank You to all who have served in the Interest of the clubs past and to those who continue to do so. This is your Portuguese American Club formed by the people for the people. Please continue to support and respect what has been created for your enjoyment.